Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gender scan earlier than scheduled

My wife had her gender scan yesterday, which was originally scheduled on the 27th of August. She had bleeding Sunday night. We suspected it was due to fatigue. We worried much so we called her doctor and was advised to visit the clinic early morning the following day. Doctor confirmed, my wife was over fatigued, and that her placenta is lower than normal. She was advised to take a bedrest for one month and had to take steroid shots to avoid miscarriage and pre-mature labor.


  1. I wish her good health & healthy baby at schedule time. You may find some informaion about women health/pregnancy at this site:

  2. Hope things are gonna be fine for you and your wife. Good luck.

  3. Thanks. I appreciate your concern. I know my wife is strong-willed so she can get through all of this.