Thursday, August 27, 2009

Preparing a list for baby stuff shopping

Now that my wife is on a bed rest, I have the responsibility to do the shopping for our baby stuff. She has listed the things the baby needs such as baby crib, baby clothes, stroller, milk bottles, etc. This will be a tough job for me as I am not really that familiar with these things. So I guess I will need the aid of the saleslady from the department store. lol We still have other baby stuff that were used by our first child before. I expect to have the nursery ready two weeks before her due.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's a boy...

Due to the bleeding Sunday night, doctor advised my wife to have her gender scan moved earlier than scheduled. So we were excited. We wished for a baby girl. While the scan was being done, doctor thought it was a girl since she couldn't see its balls. Until the baby spread its legs and the balls showed up. My wife was disappointed at first but I consoled her and made her realize that we have another cute boy. I hope she is okay now. I think she is. Although she might cry sometimes. I am sure she'd be over it soon.

Gender scan earlier than scheduled

My wife had her gender scan yesterday, which was originally scheduled on the 27th of August. She had bleeding Sunday night. We suspected it was due to fatigue. We worried much so we called her doctor and was advised to visit the clinic early morning the following day. Doctor confirmed, my wife was over fatigued, and that her placenta is lower than normal. She was advised to take a bedrest for one month and had to take steroid shots to avoid miscarriage and pre-mature labor.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting prepared for the Gender Scan

The moment of truth is fast approaching. We can't wait for my wife's gender scan on the 27th. We wish a girl this time since we already have a boy. We have even thought of a name if it's a girl. Basically, we can not yet shop for baby stuffs since we have to wait for a few more days. But everything has been budgeted already. We are just waiting for that day. Wish us luck.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who is in control?

We have to settle this issue once and for all. Who should be in control? I am not referring to who should make decisions in the family or who has the last say on all things. This is an issue about who should hold the television remote control and decide which channel the TV should be on. Funny, huh? Yeah, most people would say this is a silly thing to settle but sometimes I get mad when I have a sports game to watch but I can't because my son is watching Nickelodeon. Or though I want to watch the latest news, I can't because my wife is watching Lifestyle Network.

I've noticed my wife's addiction to cooking and fashion shows especially now that she is pregnant. I don't get it. She shouldn't be watching cooking shows knowing that her diet is on monitor and that she'd just feel sorry for herself not being able to eat anything that she wants, but she still watches Iron Chef America or Rachael Ray. She should be envious for not being able to wear gowns or dresses but she still watches Fashion TV.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Name

Even before me and my wife learned about her pregnancy, we already wished for a baby girl and have already chosen a name for her. My wife is scheduled to have her scan this month so we are both excited to know whether it is a boy or a girl. Hope it's a girl, lol.

Back to our baby's name. If we are blessed with a girl (we will know before the month ends), we chose to name her Alyssa Noreen. If it is a boy, we'd go for same initials A.N. but haven't really thought of a name yet. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fancy Spending Money

My wife just bought a Havaianas pair of slippers worth $60... Fancy huh? I didn't know pregnant women also crave for this. Spending money for something they can not obviously and proudly use while being pregnant is strange to me. Well I guess this is how it goes, and I have to deal with it. Good thing I have extra budget for that. My wife said she just wants to buy it now because the store may run out of stock soon.